Monday, November 28, 2011


Happy birthday to my darling mom!! My mother is many wonderful biggest cheerleader, my best friend, my confidant, my teacher, my favorite person to run errands with, my example of goodness, my spiritual foundation, my mood booster, and so much more! She is kind and beautiful and anyone who knows her can see that she is good through and through. We have this friendship that I can't quite explain. Ever since I was little I remember just loving to be around her. She is by far the most talented woman around and we often joke about the fact that she can do anything, and everything she does, she does well. I think the thing I love very most about her though is her heart. She is constantly doing things for others and she has the greatest moral compass. I love you mom and I hope this birthday is one of the best yet!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

things that are making me smile as of late...
-Christmas music on the radio (don't even judge me)
-tony being home during the day
-having days off of school
-hanging with friends (aka the greatest app ever made)
-one tree hill reruns on netflix
-pumpkin spice plug in
-acorn squash soup
-the thought of my new sorrels coming tomorrow
-jax and trapper finally deciding to be buddies
-fresh hard boiled eggs from our
-thinking of the holidays
-oatmeal with vanilla and cinnamon
-boots and scarves
-remembering that there is only one month until the semester is over
-spending time with my girl abs before she leaves me to be glam in nyc
-sonic happy hour
-being amazed that I have yet to indulge in a bag of candy cane kisses (last year I probably had eaten 5 bags by now!)
-my warm bed that I never want to get out of in the morning

I love this time of year! There are so many things to be happy about!