Thursday, December 29, 2011

since my last post

Much has happened since I last blogged...
-I finished my first semester of nursing school
-tony started and completed four jobs
-we had our second Christmas together as a married couple
-the bickmore fam came to town
-we saw two fabulous movies (Sherlock and MI4)
-I competed in my first Crossfit competition
-tony finally got a new iPhone (his screen has been cracked since may!)
-our puppy has grown TONS and is now looking more like a dog and less of a puppy
-tony and I signed up for a couples crossfit competition for this weekend
-we attended many fun Christmas parties
-we have spent tons of time catching up with family and friends
-my best friend had a birthday AND came to visit
-my other best friend announced that she is pregnant!

So many fun and exciting things happening in our lives and the lives of our friends and family! Such an amazing time of year!

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  1. yayyy pregnancy! haha so honored I made this post. love you my little laurface