Wednesday, June 29, 2011

book worm

My new favorite hobby as of late is READING. Nothings beats finding a great book! I love catching up some fun reading in the summer whether I read at the pool, on our boat, or on a blanket on our front lawn. These are the two most recent books I have read and both are amazing. Something Blue is a continuation of Something Borrowed...for those of you who saw the movie and liked it, this is a must. It is a super easy read but quite entertaining. Divergent is a total nail biter. I could barely put it down! It is set in a futuristic Chicago. It has a similar feel to The Giver if you have read that.

Next on my book list...City of Bones (and the rest of the books in that series) and The Help.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

brookie and parker

Last night was my cute friend Brooke's wedding. Besides my own wedding, (I am kind of bias) it was one of the most magical, amazing weddings I have ever been too. It helps that brooke and parker are absolutely head over heels for each other but seriously the night was perfect. Everything down to the very last details. I am so happy for these two and know that they will have a wonderful marriage. Abs is in town for the weekend and let me tell you, I just love having her home! I have missed her so much!

This was our beautiful table. Notice the cute vintage book holding the table number and of course the potted plants with our name tags. So darling.

Brooke surprised parker and sang to him at the dinner. I am pretty sure there was not a dry eye in the entire place. It was one of the sweetest thing I have ever witnessed.

I love Brooke and I felt so blessed to be included in her special day. I got to go to the ring ceremony, dinner, and reception and all three were simply perfect.

Congrats Brookie and Parker!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We are now officially boat owners! Tony's uncle was looking to sell this boat and we decided we just had to buy it. We took it out on the lake for the first time today and let me tell was amazing! You see, this boat is the best of both worlds for tone and me. I get my countless hours of laying out in the sun, and he gets a great boat for fishing. He caught a pretty big bass up at Jordanelle today. It was so fun to be able to get out of the city and have a day just the two of us on the gorgeous lake. We couldn't be happier about our new boat...for sure our best purchase as a married couple so far!

Friday, June 17, 2011

gone fishin

Tony and a friend went up fishing last night and caught this huge thing in the very last minutes of their outing. I about died at how big this fish is BUT Tony says that this is tiny compared to what he will be catching up in CANADA. He is going on a fishing trip with scooter for his graduation present...for 11 days! Not sure what I will do without him but he will have so much fun. He absolutely loves fishing and doesn't get to go nearly as much as he would like. He came home last night grinning from ear to ear. No one can possibly deny how sexy my husband just can't

Thursday, June 16, 2011


So excited to have my very favorite show back on tv. The top 20 are AMAZING this year and I feel like this could be the best season yet. I love that it is not just on once a week but TWICE. I just loved the statue dance done by tyce this week and of course can't wait to see some tabatha and nepoleon dances!


Our garden is in full bloom and I cannot tell you how happy our flowers make me! We have the most beautiful plants and thanks to my mother in law, they come up every year without us doing a thing. We have poppies, peonies, roses, etc. They make our yard look so bright and fun! Thank you Anne Marie for all your hard work because we are definitely enjoying the lovely garden!

All the pics on our blog are taken with my iphone so forgive me for the not so great quality. No picture could possibly do these flowers justice because they are just too beautiful.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


June 2nd was my dad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Did you know that I have the greatest dad in the world? He is by far the most amazing person I know. He has overcome so much in his life and has kept a positive attitude while doing it. He is kind, gentle, thoughtful, protective, supportive, funny, and simply wonderful! I feel so grateful to have such an amazing relationship with him. He never misses a beat when it comes to my life and he is by far, my biggest fan.

I am a little early but Happy Father's Day to him too! I don't think he ever missed one sports event, music performance, or dance recital. He makes everyone around him feel as if they are the very most important person. I love him with all of my heart.


here's the scoop

tony built a chicken coop! How cute is this? The chickens have gotten much too large for the little coop we had in the garage and so Tony made a home depot run (or ten) and built this beauty. One of the major bonuses of this coop is that this part of the yard was once full and weeds and was quite an eye we have this darling thing taking up the space. I am constantly amazed by tony's talent for building. This coop was built from scratch with absolutely no guides or instructions... he just did it. GO TONY!

The chickens couldn't be happier. They have all the space they need to roam around and lay eggs (hopefully soon!). They are getting so big...I would post a pic but this is not a chicken blog and I feel like that is all I have posted about lately. I swear we have lives outside of farming.


Happy Birthday to my cute sister Whit! I got to spend time with her on her special day by going on a little lunch date. Whit is amazing. She is always so positive and happy no matter what! She is the hardest worker I know and is so unselfish. I love this curly headed friend of mine more than you could ever know! Happy Birthday!!