Monday, March 28, 2011


I turned 22 yesterday. It was one of my favorite birthdays yet! Something about waking up to Tony and having him sing me his own rendition of happy birthday just added something extra special to my day. We went to st george last week to celebrate my birthday but he made yesterday so great for me. "The birthday elves" as tony calls them got up very early and wrote happy birthday all over our windows and mirrors. Then after church Tony made me this delicious breakfast. If you didnt know, he is an amazing cook! He also bought me these gorgeous roses. I think the best part of my day was that I got to spend the entire day with him. He has been so busy with work that we dont get to spend a ton of time together. I was so happy that yesterday we could just be together. Being married is simply the best.
Abs drove up from provo last and came to visit. She brought me this darling gift. Abby is a once in a lifetime friend. She is so thoughtful, caring, loveable, hilarious, fun, and kind. Sometimes I call her my "soulmate" because well...she just kind of is.
Our friend Laird made me these delicious cookies...from scratch. He is so domestic! Laird is a great friend to Tony and me. So thoughtful always. Thanks laird!!
Isn't this necklace amazing? Mollie had her friend Katherine (who I love) make this necklace for me. If you can't read it, it says "T & L forever". I just absolutely love it!
My parents, Al and Karina, and Whit and Zack gave me these lovely gifts. I felt so blessed to be able to spend last night with my entire family. My mom made this amazing dinner (all my favorite things) and we sat around the table and just chatted.
As I get older I feel like I realize more and more what is most important in life. I have been blessed with amazing people in my life. I honestly believe relationships are the most important part of life. Thank you to everyone who made my birthday so incredibly special. I love you all!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

so many march birthdays!...

Here is a little group shout out to some of my favorite people with March birthdays...

Today (March 25th) is my girl Jamie's birthday! We were roomates for 2 years at BYU and have had some fabulous times together. I love this little red head! Happy birthday James!
The 26th is my brother in law Joel's birthday. Joel is amazing. We have been great friends since he and Mollie started dating yearsss ago. I have always been his biggest fan. Joel is the best listener and always has the best advice. Love you Joel and happy birthday!

This is my mother in law and her cute husband. This was one of my very favorite pictures from our wedding because it shows just how in love these two are. My mother in law is incredible. She is extremely intellegent, so selfless and basically wonderwoman because she can do it all. I love her. Happy birthday Anne Marie!

Happy Birthday to all my March birthday friends. I love you all!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I am possibly one of the LEAST crafty girls you may ever meet. My friends are constantly blogging and talking about all the amazing crafts they are doing. The most peculiar thing about my lack of creativity and craftiness is that my mom, Mary Lee Warner, is HONESTLY the craftiest woman I have EVER met! To give you just a tiny idea...this is the amazing birthday cake she made for my niece... Have you ever seen anything cuter? My sister Mollie made the actual cake and helped my mom decorate. She is quite crafty herself. Not sure how I got gipped out of that gene! I was so impressed by this cake that I may just have my mom remake it next week for my birthday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

addie grace

Happy birthday to one of my very favorite friends...addie grace diamond! She is turning 3 today! If I had one word to describe addie I would say DIVA. This is the most girly little girl you may ever meet. Her very favorite things in this entire world are...gum, lip gloss, high heels, beautiful dresses, barbies, dolls, my purse, nail polish, the color pink, sunglasses, and anything frilly. I love the days when I don't have school so I can spend time with her and her darling brother Tait. We love making treats at Nana's! You should hear Tait and Addie play together. Addie has named herself Jessica and Tait is now Tom. She has created an entire life for Jessica and Tom. She is so imaginative and it is so fun to hear the things she says to her babies when she doesn't think anyone is listening. Without fail, every time I walk into her house, she first asks me for gum and lip gloss, then she puts my shoes on, grabs my purse and diet coke, and pretends to run errands. Whenever her dad says she is a mini Lauren, I secretly get so happy. Whenever she sees me after I have painted my nails she says... "you have paint nail yaya?" Then we have to paint her's too!

Addie has more energy and sass than most people know how to handle. I guess this is why we are such great friends. We love to go to target and costco together. We also like to go to the gas station to buy gum or candies.

She loves for me to put her hair in a pony tail and she always tells me that she wants her pony to touch her back like mine does. Each time I put her hair in a pony, she leans her head back to see how long it is getting.
I know that Addie and I will be good little friends for a very long time. We have a special bond (or maybe she just loves me cause I give her gum and secret sips of my diet coke when her mom's not looking). She makes me laugh so hard with the hilarious things she is constantly doing or saying. I love her energy for life! Happy birthday to my favorite 3 year old!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

st george

This weekend Tony and I decided to go to st george for a little getaway. It was our SPRING BREAK and we were also celebrating my birthday. We spent the weekend relaxing, eating, riding our bikes, laying by the pool, and watching amazing movies. We have been going to st george together for years now and because I forgot my camera this weekend, I decided to post some old pics from some of our st george trips (ranging from 2005-present)...
I love that you only have to drive four hours to get there. I love that it is almost always warm and sunny. I love that we have our regular restaurants that we eat at each time. I love that maverick is right by our condo. I love that I know my way around. I love that whenever I go there, I get in this lazy laid back mood and sleep way longer than usual. I love that our condo smells and reminds me of my Grammy. I just love st george.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


this is our dog trapper on the left and our nephew cookie on the right... we have been dog sitting for Sammie (tony's sister) this weekend and it has been the most entertaining thing! These two pups are best friends/worst enemies. Cookie follows trapper everywhere he goes. Trapper is the best because it was so springy out, we went
for a bike ride and he followed. He is so well trained (thanks to tony) so we do not even need a leash. He just follows us and loves every minute. I love our dog!...and today made me really excited for SPRING!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

sweets & treats

I have decided to give up treats for lent. Ok I know I am not Catholic but lets be honest, it is an opportunity for me to really prove to myself that I do not NEED treats. Here are just a few of the lovely delights I will be stearing clear of for the next 39 days... AND...

and the most difficult to resist of all...

It's only 39 days right? I can do anything for 39 days...I hope! It is pretty pathetic how difficult this is for me ha! Wish me luck...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

creature of habit

I have a really hard time with change. The funny part about this fact is that nothing in my life is changing right now yet this is the most prominent thing on my mind today. Tony and I were on a little drive today and I just got to thinking how much I love home. Not just our actual cute brick house with our cozy bed and wonderful couch, but everything surrounding me. In fact there is nothing quite like it. There is just something about driving down Parleys way after being away. Something about being in close proximity with my family (I have appreciated this even more having Tony's family away and missing them). There is something about always seeing familiar faces at our closest grocery store. Maybe it is pathetic that I pass 2 perfectly good gas stations just so I can get my diet coke at Maverik. I love that I always take the same route to school, the gym, the gas station etc. even though there are probably faster ways to get there. I love that our dog is always excited to see me the minute I get home to let him out despite the fact that I cannot pet him due to allergies...he loves me anyway and I love him too. Nothing beats the smell of our kitchen, the first thing that I smell as I walk in the door. Sometimes I love to just sit in my drive way and think to myself how happy I am to have such a comfortable darling place to call home. As much as I love going on vacation, sometimes the best part is coming home because when I am gone, I miss it. I love that Tony and I have particular places that we put things in our house. Lots of these places have absolutely no meaning or reasoning except for the fact that we put them there and if we didnt, they would be out of place. I love that we have specific seats on our couch and at our kitchen table. I appreciate the routine that Tony and I have gotten into over the last couple months such as if I cook, he does dishes and vise versa. I know that change is a great thing and only helps us grow but today I am grateful for things just being the same. I am grateful for my home and for Tony who makes this house more of a home than anything else.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

lock up!

This afternoon we discovered that Tony's truck had been broken into...well not even broken into because it was unlocked, but someone get into his truck last night and took all the change and cash from his center console. Luckily, there was not much in there but his truck was a complete mess. Thank you robber for not taking anything valuable! Apparently our whole street had things stollen from cars that weren't locked. So consider this a little heads up...LOCK UP friends!

the shore

ok i am taking a HUGE risk. After this post I may be considered 100% ghetto and trashy but I just don't even care. Every thursday night (at 11 pm) Tony and I have our good friends the Hanseens over (and sometimes Chris) to watch our very favorite show...JERSEY SHORE. I am not sure what it is that really sucks us in week after week. Could it be the Situation's pathetically unrealistic self image? Or the fact that when we think J Woww couldnt get any sluttier, she proves us wrong every time? Or possibly Pauly D and Pauly D alone? Or maybe even Snooki and how stupid/funny everything she says is? Or even the ongoing annoying fighting of Ron and Sam? Or it could be Vinny? Or maybe even the newest addition Deena, the dirtiest meetball of all? Whatever it is, every Thursday you will find us anxiously awaiting the newest episode. Thank you Jersey Shore for making my thursdays that much more enjoyable. You are pathetic and I love you!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

macro micro miracle

My microbiology teacher is a crazy person. I am pretty sure she has no heart and trys her very hardest to make her class the most miserable experience possible. First off...who in their right mind enjoys microbiology? Even the sound of it practically puts me to sleep. On the bright side though, it is one of my very last nursing pre reqs! Horray. So anyway this teacher of mine...for each test we have these assigned review questions (ARQ's) that have to be 100% memorized. They are tables, charts, you name it they we have to completely write/draw out on our tests. It ranges from about 5-7 for each test. I, the great student I am, usually start studying no earlier than 24 hours ahead of time for my tests. Like usual, I began studying for my second micro test the day before (little did I know what I had ahead of me). After literally about 16 hours of straight memorizing (with a couple diet coke breaks of course) I had memorized the 7 ARQ's but had not even started on any of the material for the multiple choice questions. Just to give you a little idea... This is one of the 7 ARQ's. Ok so LONG story short...I went into the test, (which was 1 hour and 15 minutes) wrote out all my ARQ's as fast as I could (took the first 55 minutes) and then had about 20 minutes to answer 100 multiple choice questions. I walked out of the test feeling like the biggest failure! I tried to push the stupid test out of my mind and then today as I walked in to pick it up, I decided that I would be ok with the fact that I was probably going to get a 40%. To my surprise...I got an 86%! Ok its not an A but seriously I have never been so happy, confused, shocked, relieved in my entire 16 years of education. Of course I celebrated with a large diet coke and some jelly beans (at 10 in the morning)!